Read my Go Ask Your Dad column at OC Family

This month, I take on the evils of TV.

Read my March column here.

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One Response to “Read my Go Ask Your Dad column at OC Family”

  1. Thank goodness you left the cartoons alone!!

    Seriously, I agree. Patterns of behavior can be established that we don’t perceive as having negative consequences, but they sure can be negative. We, too, have drawn definitive lines in our TV-watching and have re-discovered books *gasp* and playing games as a family. Fun!

    Here’s a funny ancedote about a recent round of Bananagrams amongst my testosterone-laden household: Dad was ahead with “ee-i-ee-i-o” but was skunked by the eleven year old who spelled the word for a male appendage . . . with great glee and pride in vocab and spelling prowess!

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