Our little ground hog turns 10!

Kristen showing that some groundhogs have antlers.

Don’t laugh, but one of my all time favorite movies is “Ground Hog Day.” I can recite lines from that movie all day long and it never gets old. So it’s fitting that I have a child born on that day. Kristen, who loves it when I call her my little groundhog, is 10 years old today. From day one, she has been one of the happiest kids and she’s also one of the most sensitive. She loves her friends, play dates and family nights. She’s a pretty good soccer player and is now taking up after her aunt Brandi and playing softball. Happy Birthday Kristen. I love you!

Also, a shout out to my friend Rich Dunn, whose son Nolan shares Kristen’s 10th birthday today. And I learned also that Wedge body surfer and cancer killer Mel Thoman and Fresno Bee Publisher Will Fleet are also groundhogs! Happy birthday to you all. And as Bill Murray would say: “I like to say a prayer and toast to world peace”

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6 Responses to “Our little ground hog turns 10!”

  1. Happy bday to your daughter Kristen and to Nolan and all the groundhogs out there!!

  2. Kevin"Mel"Thoman February 2, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Yeah Tony,
    I always tell my 11 year old daughter(Jan.8th)that I was born on a holiday and it will someday be a National Holiday!!!(lol)
    I hope you have a great party for your “double digit” daughter and keep up the great work!!!

  3. Hey, daddy! Nice blog! Happy Birthday to you to Kristen! Love ya

  4. Happy 10th Birthday Kristen!!

    Hey Tony,
    Guess what we are watching as I open this email. Ground Hog Day, for as Kevin says, the million and first time. I can’t tell you how many times I have caught Larry watching this movie. Great blog!!


  5. Happy Birthday again Kristen! Your class picture and the ground hog both have something in common, your both sooooooooo cute! Your brother’s best friend – Jeff.

  6. I’m so happy you were born on my FAVORITE holiday Kristen, since I am so bad at remembering things. G H D used to be a holiday that your dad, Uncle Brian, Uncle Greg and I all used to recite one (or two) liners from “the greatest” movie of all times……and then you came along and somehow my FAVORITE holiday became even better. You are the sweetest niece any auntie could ever ask for!

    Love you,


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