You gotta believe in this “Peter Pan”

When my mother in law said she wanted to bring us all to see “Peter Pan,” at the Orange County Performing Arts Center my first thought was “Do I have to go?” I mean, really,  what is there for a grownup to see?

I had visions of Cathy Rigby jumping around stage in a green fairy costume. My preference would be to let the kids and mom go with grandma and let dad stay home and watch the Lakers.

But my wife would have none of that, and so with the help of my friend Jessie Brunner at the Orange County Performing Arts Center we booked the tickets.

After a quick dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli, we wandered over to the big “Peter Pan” tent on a recent frosty evening. We had great seats at center stage but pretty much anywhere you sit in the tent is a good show because it’s such an intimate venue.

And I gotta say, I’m glad I went, really.

You see this is no ordinary “Peter Pan.” This production by the British Threesixty Entertainment group of JM Barrie’s “Peter Pan” plays out on a 360 degree theater.  The play is campy, clever and captivating and my family was mesmerized, though my middle daughter Kristen and son Nathan both looked a bit shocked when Tinker Bell uttered a few choice words.

Still, the feisty feminine fairy was a hit.

“I liked Tinker Bell,” Kristen said, despite her spicy language. And Nathan especially liked the pirates because, “they were funny,” he said.

Indeed, the trip to Neverland is a realistic scene on the walls of the tent. Aside from the great story and acting, there is a great dance routine by Tiger Lilly the Indian princess and great puppet performances of Nana the dog and the crocodile that chases Capt. Hook to the ends of the earth.

And we were impressed how realistic the effects were. Even the animated trees on the sides of the tent  swayed in the breeze of Neverland island.

In fact, I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t like “Peter Pan,” because it’s  a story we can all relate to. The story of  hanging on to childhood and never growing up. And every once in a while, grown ups need to be reminded of the story of Neverland.

If you’ve been avoiding this show, the good news is that there is still time to relive your childhood. That’s because “Peter Pan” has been extended until Jan. 2, 2011. So if you haven’t seen it click here for tickets.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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7 Responses to “You gotta believe in this “Peter Pan””

  1. Hi Tony,
    Thanks that was a great article. So nice to be included and believe me I had a awesome time. I think everyone should go and see ‘Peter Pan’.

  2. That was sooooo much fun! I would actually like to go and see it again. But, Tinker bell and Wendy look much different in that picture then in the play.

  3. You’ve never grown up…I haven’t either and that’s a good thing. As long as you can keep some youth in your heart, you can relate (at least a bit) to the younger people in your lives. Peter Pan sounds great and you really gave it a great sell. I like the pictures too.

  4. Great job Tony as always!

  5. Hi Tony!

    Great post! I was wondering if you’d mind if we post this on the blog on our site. We’ll give you full credit and can link back to your site as well.

    Debbie @TravelCostaMesa

  6. I’m going to have my hubby personally thank you after the show. He thinks he does not want to see it but after your great review he and my sons will now be joining the girls and myself. And since he is going my girlfriend is making her son and husband go too. We can’t wait. Thanks Tony you sealed the deal for us.

  7. Tony, great article. When I went to get tickets for “Tango” at the Segerstrom Hall ticket booth, I saw a lot of people going to the Peter Pan show. Then I realized I missed something special. I hope they come back for this coming Christmas. I’ll be the first one in line to get tickets.

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