My boy turns 11 today!

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Today is my son Nate’s 11th birthday. And I want to take this moment to thank him.

Growing up, I was always a fan of sports. The Rams, the Dodgers, the Lakers, the UCLA Bruins.

And I’m happy to say Nate is a fan of the same.

That isn’t always a slam dunk. I know full well that not all sons turn into sports fans or even liking sports. And that’s fine, everyone needs to find their own path.

For Nate, that path is sports and athletics. Sports practically oozes from his pores. He loves to watch sports but even more he loves to play sports. Baseball, soccer, football, basketball, street hockey. If it involves a ball, then Nate’s in.

And while he might not be the greatest athlete of all (though he thinks he is and I have no reason to doubt him), he is pretty good, especially at baseball where he can throw harder than many adults I know, including me.

And he has a level of confidence that I just can’t help but admire. A couple weeks ago when the waves were pumping 20 feet and up at The Wedge, Nate asked me if we could go down to the beach.

“I was thinking of taking you down there to see those waves,” I told him.

Nate looked at me and without missing a beat said this:

“See the waves? I was thinking you could take me there so I could go ride them.”

Just like he told me at the age of 5 that he was a 10 times better baseball player than me and that he was a better soccer player than his club-level playing sister, he truly believed that he could body surf a 20=foot wave at The Wedge.

So thank you Nate for always swinging for the fences in sports and in life. Thanks for restoring my love of baseball. Thank you for being that kid who is willing to take the risk to win all the glory. But most of all thank you for being my son.

I love you buddy.


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2 Responses to “My boy turns 11 today!”

  1. He’s an angels fan :)

  2. Tony,
    How heart rendering to hear those words and feelings.
    Yes, as well, Nate is so blessed to have you and Beth for great parents.

    Love you all,

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