Making soccer dads proud

Ever since my kids began playing soccer, I’ve really fell in love with the game. I really don’t know much about it yet, but what I do know is that it’s a great way to create a sense of team, build confidence and character. That’s what organized sports should be right? So that’s why I really liked this story. It’s a couple weeks old now, I realize, but the message is still as fresh as ever. After routing Haiti 17-0, this U17 U.S. girls team took the time to be human and give aid and comfort to a devastated goalie on the Haitian team, whom I presume had a lot more on her mind beside soccer. My hope is that my daughters and my son will always be so kind and thoughtful.

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  1. Hi Daddy! When I read the story on yahoo I thought it was really good! I’m happy that you have this story on your website.

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