I THINK this is going to be a good fit for me

Tomorrow I begin a job as the Director of Marketing and Communications at THINK Together that in many ways brings me full circle to something I started nearly 20 years ago.

THINK, which is an acronym for Teaching, Helping, Inspiring, Nurturing Kids, was started by Randy Barth, a businessman and visionary whose goal is to improve literacy rates and give those children who have little educational opportunities and avenues a new chance to be successful.

I love what they do and am so proud to be part of this wonderful team.

Back to my original story from 20 years ago. Then, I was a working in Huntington Beach as the city editor of the Independent. I learned of a program that was beginning at the HB library called the Family Literacy program.

That program offered literacy and tutoring help to recent immigrants who wanted to learn the English language so they could read to their children.

I was teamed up with a young father named Rogelio. He and his young daughter, whose name escapes me now, met me on weeknights at the library and we began the long process of teaching him to read in English. I am sure it was a much more fulfilling experience for me than it was for Rogelio. And I so admired this young man who worked long hours on a production line during the day and tried to improve himself at night. We became more than just tutor and student, we became friends.

But after about a year of the program, I had to quit because my job changed and I started working nights on the copy desk.

I’m sorry to say I lost touch with Rogelio, even though I always hoped and prayed that he continued to learn the language and succeed as both a father and provider for his family.

That’s why I’m announcing my new job on my Go Ask Your Dad blog. Because I know there are many fathers like Rogelio out there whose children are benefiting from THINK Together’s programs. Get ready to hear all about them.




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7 Responses to “I THINK this is going to be a good fit for me”

  1. Congratulations on the new gig, Tony! Very happy for you and I’m sure it’s well deserved.
    Big hugs from the East Coast!

  2. Congratulations Tony. Think Together is the best…You couldn’t do better! It works both ways, a super mix.

  3. Great noble direction Tony. We all should spend time teaching and mentoring those who want help. Our country’s strength comes from opportunity to improve one’s life and people helping each other.

  4. Tony,
    Congratulations!! Sounds like God has some exciting things for you to do in this area of education! And you have the expertise to make it happen too…

    On another note, when I need to contact you do I use just your cell phone or do you wish to give me your work number? Up to you….

    Hope all goes well your first day!


  5. I’m so glad for you and the community. Congratulations!!!

  6. Sounds like a great gig and a wonderful organization, Tony. They’re lucky to have you on board.


  7. So glad to hear you’re part of something so meaningful. Congratulations and Good luck!

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