Helping out a child in need

Children’s Hospital of Orange County will always have a special place in my heart. Two of my kids had to make visits there right after they were born. Nate was there just because he had a little fluid in his lungs when he was born. But Kristen was admitted at one month of age with RSV, a minor illness that can have serious effects on infants. Both obviously recovered nicely.

And a good friend of mine is spending many nights and days at CHOC as his son battles cancer.

So when I got this email below from soccer mom and school teacher Julie Borsari, I was happy to see that another sick kid is in the good hands of the CHOC medical staff. But as you will read below, he and his family could use some help.

Here is the email. Julie would be grateful for your help.

Dear Friends and family,
Sadly, I have a student in my class (4th grade) who has been suffering since mid March.  He has suffered from lower back pain.  He finaly has a diagnosis.   In the midst of gearing up for surgery in early May, an infection was discovered.  He needed emergency surgery for an abcess in his spine last night.  He is doing well, in great pain, but the drain of the abcess was successful.
This crisis has been very difficult on his family.  They are not a family of means and are stuggling with the day to day.
I am writing to first request prayers and/or good thoughts for Isaac and his family.
Many people have asked what else they do for this wonderful child and his family.  I am collecting donations of cash and gift cards.
With donations I would like to buy:
1. gas card
2. grocery store gift card
3. Target/Walmart gift card
4. restaurant gift cards
5. a hand held game system for Isaac
He is currcntly at CHOC hospital.
Please, please do not feel obligated to donate in any way.  As you know I rarely ask for help or send mass emails.  If you would like to donate, please contact me and I will give you my address . . .etc. at:

Thanks so much for your support and prayers!  Be thankful what you have!  We are all either in crisis or getting ready for crisis, right?
Feel free to forward this to anyone you think may be interested. . .
With love,
Julie Borsari

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