Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary Daisy

Easter has a lot of meaning for us. As practicing Catholics, we believe the Son of God rose from the dead as a symbol to all of mankind that we will have eternal life.

Pretty deep stuff that today gets shrouded in Easter bunnies and colored eggs filled with jelly beans.

But for my wife kids and me, this Easter marks one full year since Daisy entered our lives.

Daisy is a good-natured, Golden Retriever, who we got as a puppy last Easter.

After one bad experiment with a dog and later a bunny who was the victim of either a coyote or a raccoon, we had stayed away from pets.

But with the kids getting a little older, we decided to try once again. In addition to Daisy, the kids also received three little chicks for Easter. The idea was to raise the chicks into hens and we’d have farm fresh eggs on a regular basis.

That didn’t work so well either. One chick got sick and had to go back to the feed store, and the remaining two revealed they wouldn’t be laying eggs any time soon with some early morning crowing. So off they went to the feed store too to live out their lives on a rooster farm.

But Daisy, she was different. Sure, she had her mischievous moments and chewed through my sprinkler lines, tore up Beth’s curtains, dug a few holes and popped her share of the kids’ soccer balls. But she has this face that is hard not to love.

And she loves right back. I’ve never met an animal who so needs human companionship and warmth. She needs to be right near us at all times. And if I hug one of the kids or Beth, she quickly run to our side, jumping up to be part of the group hug. We take her on day trips and even took her to the mountains in the snow this winter.

Daisy also did something else. She changed our kids. They went from having zero responsibilities for anyone or anything to having the main responsibility to care for a living, breathing animal. They make sure she has food and water. They walk her, clean up after her and play with her daily. She even joins them on the trampoline sometimes.

I’ve been really proud of them, especially Danielle who rose at dawn every morning the first month we got her to potty train her, walk her and feed her.

So after one year of getting licked to death and finding dog hair in places you’d never imagine, it looks like we are hooked. Daisy’s not going anywhere any time soon and that’s fine by us.





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One Response to “Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary Daisy”

  1. Daisy's cousin Carly April 8, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    Well daisy even though you are a much better swimmer than me I still like you and will most likely sniff your behind when we meet again.

    Bark over and out,

    Carly Ann perkins

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