Go easy on the ice for morning TV!

Nathan, Kristen, Emily, Danielle and Makenna enjoying a frosty morning before getting their 15 minutes of fame.

It was 40 degrees and the ice was looking pretty inviting to my kids and their two friends. Not because they knew how to skate or anything, but because all they had to do was glide around the cold stuff a bit and voila! — TV fame.

And sure enough, they did. They all got cameo shots on Monday morning’s Good Day LA broadcast.

OK, so here’s what transpired. My friend Jane Gillespie, who does PR for the Irvine Spectrum Center, emailed just before the holidays and invited me and others to bring their kids to the shopping center to take part in a TV shoot being done by Bob Decastro of Channel 11’s Good Day LA program. The only catch? We needed to be there by 5:45 a.m. on Dec. 26, the day after Christmas!

An obviously easy assignment for the kids, but excruciating for mom and dad.  Thank goodness Jane had plenty of coffee, hot chocolate and muffins to go around.

Early or not, the kids had a ton of fun, even though they really are soccer players and not ice skaters. In fact, two of the friends who tagged along, Emily Boyzo and Makenna Fuerher are teammates of Danielle on her OC Revolution Club soccer team. Perhaps their athleticism helped because even though they were in the presence of some very accomplished figure skaters (see video below), Guy Hebert former Mighty Ducks hockey player and some very fast speed skaters, they held their own out there on the ice.

The ice skating is part of annual Irvine Spectrum Holiday on Ice event. It’s been going on for nine years now and the event is so popular it now runs from the first of November through Feb. 20.

Skating sessions are 75 minutes and are $14 for kids and adults. It costs $2 to rent the skates.

Some fun facts about the rink. It holds 2,500 gallons of frozen water and is maintained by the world’s smallest custom Zamboni. About 25,000 ice skaters enjoy the mini rink each year.

So if you are hankering for a little winter fun in between your shopping excursions, then look no further than the Irvine Spectrum.


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  1. Thank Tony, keep the Blog coming. It was alot of fun to see the kids skating and Nate’s smiley face!

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