Dad’s Morning Brew March 15

OK, soapbox alert warning.

Most people who know me, know that I’m a big proponent of education. I believe the more educated you are the better decisions you make. Education opens up doors that would otherwise be shut. It’s that simple.

So it definitely pains me to see the school budget cuts are coming again. The Fullerton School District, of which our school is part of, has already ordered up four furlough days to cut costs and close the multi-million dollar budget deficit. And it looks like there will be teacher layoffs to boot. That has got to be painful for everyone, students, teachers, parents and administrators. Trust me, I know firsthand what it’s like to have to do more with less.

This all made me think of a recent appearance by Gov. Schwarzenegger on ABC’s Sunday morning show “This Week.” The governator was on with Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and they were selling a bipartisan plan to convince the federal government to spend money and reinvest in America’s infrastructure. Both Schwarzenegger (a Republican) and Rendell were taking issue with a recent Conservative Political Action Committee convention where Republican leaders were seen saying NO to any new federal spending. But Rendell made a point on that show that is worth hearing again. Often times the critics of government spending say it fails because government doesn’t act like a business. But Rendell noted that every successful business finds a time when it needs to reinvest. Here’s his quote:

“Every business that’s successful in this country has, at some key moment, reinvested in itself, usually by borrowing or taking out capital reserves.
They reinvested. They created another product line, built a new factory. If you don’t invest in your future, you will die. And Representative Pence and the people at that convention — when they say no borrowing, no spending, no investment, they’re writing out a prescription form for this country becoming a second-rate power. And I don’t think the governor and I, and there are others out there with us — we’re going to fight that theory. Because we’ve got to invest in our future. If we don’t invest, what’s going to happen to American manufacturing?”

First, I’m not defending government waste. Do I think there is plenty to cut in Washington and Sacramento. In the words of another famous former governor “you betha.”

But cutting from schools and laying of teachers? How is that smart?  If we don’t invest in our children’s future, what will their future be? We need to write Gov. Schwarzenegger and remind him of his fellow governor’s words on that show (that he seemed to agree with), that now is the time to reinvest in California’s education not decimate it.

All of our futures may depend on it.

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One Response to “Dad’s Morning Brew March 15”

  1. Tony,

    Good post. What gets me is that lawmakers give lip service to the importance of good teachers but rarely back it up with action. If teachers are the stewards of our future — children — then why do they make relatively low wages and face layoffs year after year? How are we supposed to draw talent from the pool, and expect our schools to thrive, with those kinds of work conditions?
    One more point: It wasn’t so long ago that California was the pride of the nation when it came to education, from kindergarten up through higher education. Sadly, we have become a national joke, which is unacceptable.

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