Dad’s Morning Brew

Members of the Grace Fellowship Church in Tecate, Mexico. Kate is the one with the teal and yellow jacket in the middle.

  • Every so often, I meet or hear about young kids whom I greatly admire. I often walk away hoping that my children grow up to be as strong and well rounded. Kate Allen is one of those kids. Her story started about a year ago. She was down in Tecate, Mexico on a mission trip with her church, Grace Fellowship in Costa Mesa, when she saw something that troubled her. The children in that Mexican town, like many kids in Mexico, love to play soccer. But their field was missing something vital – real soccer goals. Instead, the children had fashioned two stick and some string to create makeshift goals. Kate knew she could do better than that. She set out to raise money for those kids and raised $2,600. Now the kids are going to get real goals and more soccer stuff on her next visit coming up in February. For full disclosure, I learned about Kate through my work doing PR for Mariners Christian School in Costa Mesa. Click here to read a great story about her by staff writer Tom Ragan in the Daily Pilot.
  • A few words about John Travolta. First, I think Scientology is goofy and disco too. He has done his fair share to promote both. But say what you want about him,  he is a dad and he tragically lost a son. Dads and moms everywhere know that this heartbreak must be the greatest of all. Click here for a story on how he is coping. Associated Press

  • Today’s Bad Dad Award. Well, it’s Lindsay Lohan’s Dad in the news again. Associated Press
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2 Responses to “Dad’s Morning Brew”

  1. Tony,
    Thanks for sharing the inspirational story of Kate Allen. I just had to share this on my FB page.

  2. Hi Tony: Great photo with the family and article about the girl who went to Mexico. It is amazing how much we can do and how blessed we are in America in spite of the hardships we face right now. God bless you and your family

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