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Happy 14th birthday to our little Groundhog

It was 14 years ago today when Beth and I welcomed Kristen into our lives. Kristen is sassy and funny with an infectious laugh. She loves to cook, sing and dance and is really the thread who holds the family together. It’s Kristen who organizes game nights and family movie nights and keeps in close […]

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Hooking a big fish for a big fan

  Thumbs up to Eric Kaye, the director of communications for the Angels, who helped engineer this meet and greet with Mike Trout and family friend Caitlin Lyle. Caitlin was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She’s battling it fine and doing well, but her dad wanted to keep her spirits high so we reached out to […]

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Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary Daisy

Easter has a lot of meaning for us. As practicing Catholics, we believe the Son of God rose from the dead as a symbol to all of mankind that we will have eternal life. Pretty deep stuff that today gets shrouded in Easter bunnies and colored eggs filled with jelly beans. But for my wife […]

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Go easy on the ice for morning TV!

It was 40 degrees and the ice was looking pretty inviting to my kids and their two friends. Not because they knew how to skate or anything, but because all they had to do was glide around the cold stuff a bit and voila! — TV fame. And sure enough, they did. They all got […]

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Surf camping is the best

Ever since high school, I’ve rarely missed an opportunity to do a surf camping trip. Most of my trips have been with my surf buddies, Larry Ramos or Michael Duke. Or as my son calls him “Mikeduke.” I don’t think Nate knows what Mike’s last name is. This year, Larry and his family couldn’t make […]

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A Fair question to raise

I’ve written before on this blog how important I believe it is to preserve the Orange County Fair for generations to come. Recently, I met Guy Lemmon, one of the principals of Facilities Management West, a private firm who had the winning bid to purchase the fairgrounds property. Even though the appellate court has struck […]

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I’m a lucky guy

Those who know my dad, know sometimes he can be on the gruff side. But they also know that deep down he has a heart of gold and would do anything to help. So today, I needed to send a shout out to the man we sometimes call Mr. Toad because, well, he drives like […]

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Feeling Wicked in the Land of OZ

We were sitting in the Segerstrom Center for the Arts last Thursday when Glinda the Good Witch began belting out the lyrics to the “Wicked” song “Popular.” My 10-year-old daughter Kristen’s eyes lit up and she couldn’t help herself. “Whenever I see someone less than fortunate than I,” she sang. Even though she has a […]

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We’re going to have a Wickedly fun time

Last night, my family and I were discussing the upcoming opening of “Wicked” at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, when my younger brother Brian made an all-too familiar comment. “I have no desire to see ‘Wicked,’” he said. Sure, I understand that. Most self-respecting guys would pick sports over theater for their entertainment dollars. […]

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Our little ground hog turns 10!

Don’t laugh, but one of my all time favorite movies is “Ground Hog Day.” I can recite lines from that movie all day long and it never gets old. So it’s fitting that I have a child born on that day. Kristen, who loves it when I call her my little groundhog, is 10 years […]

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