A tale of two great dads

Rich Dunn and I have had a long friendship. I met him back in 1990 when he was a sports writer at the Daily Pilot and I was starting my news writing career. Click here or on the Daily Pilot photo of Rich’s family above for a story about his latest venture. We went through the wars together. Multiple owners, bad times, good times, crazy co-workers and all. And we have another connection. His son Nolan, pictured on the right, was born on the same exact day as my daughter Kristen, Groundhog Day 2001. His son Julian, on the left, was born one month ahead of my son Nathan.

Anyway, about a year and a half ago, just before Christmas, Rich and his wife, Andrea, learned that Julian had a brain tumor. It was heartbreaking news for the Dunns and of course all of us who know and love them. After a many, many grueling months of radiation and chemotherapy, little Julian is happily on the mend. But Rich is not one to forget his blessings and therefore they are having the second annual Jammin’ for Julian fundraising concert this Sunday at 4 p.m. at St. Mark Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach. Click here for the Jammin’ for Julian page.

But I have a couple other side stories to share. About a month ago, my sister called me up and asked if I knew someone named Andrea Dunn. Sure, I said, she’s my friend’s wife. Well it turned out that Julian had a recently had one of his many surgeries at CHOC and my brother in law Greg Perkins, an anesthesiologist at St. Joseph’s, had attended. During the surgery, the doctors took out one of Julian’s baby teeth. Greg, being a dad of four himself, didn’t forget that and slipped into Julian’s room later to leave a dollar under his pillow from the tooth fairy.

Andrea was so touched that she wrote a tribute to the tooth fairy on CHOC’s Facebook page. My sister saw the tribute and then saw that Andrea and I were mutual friends.When I told Andrea, she was stunned too. And because she never caught his name, she wanted me to make sure I thanked the tooth fairy for his good deeds. That I did. And if you’ve never seen the tooth fairy just take a peek below. His teeth look pretty shiny I must admit. Too bad he is a Trojan and Padre fan.

Doc Perkins with his favorite movie and scarf.

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One Response to “A tale of two great dads”

  1. Hey Tony,

    For some reason I just saw the article you wrote, you are sooooo sweet. Thank you so much for that! I can’t wait to say, “I knew him way back when he was only 9 years old!” Ha ha ha.

    Love you so much big brother! And P.S. you need someone to write a story about you as well, you are an AMAZING father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (your little sis who continues to look up to you)

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