Archive | November, 2010

You gotta believe in this “Peter Pan”

When my mother in law said she wanted to bring us all to see “Peter Pan,” at the Orange County Performing Arts Center my first thought was “Do I have to go?” I mean, really,  what is there for a grownup to see? I had visions of Cathy Rigby jumping around stage in a green […]

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An image that says a 1,000 words

I wanted to take a minute and call your attention to this photo in the Daily Pilot. What a touching photo this is. I really don’t have to say much about except that it was shot by one talented photographer Don Leach who was covering the Veterans Day celebration at Mariners Christian School last Friday. […]

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Let’s send this body surfing Dad a wave of support!

Cancer lately has touched my life a little too much. Not that I’ve personally been afflicted, but I know too many people who have. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my friend James Lee who was recently taken too young and left behind a young family. I also know a family who currently is […]

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Tell your kids, ‘I voted’

Elections were always important in my house when I was growing up. My parents believe deeply in the right to vote, just as their parents did before. So I’m going to wear my I voted sticker prominently today to make sure that my kids know how important a single vote can be. If you think […]

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