Dad’s Morning Brew Feb. 19

  • Living in California, we all get our share of coyote encounters. In fact, tragically, we believe it was a coyote who last year snatched our pet rabbit Butterscotch (pictured above) out of her cage. In our neighborhood, stories abound about cats who were victims of these nomadic predators and I’ve personally seen one running down the street with someone’s pet kitty firmly in its jaw. Still, I don’t know that I agree with officials in Huntington Beach who are thinking of killing off some coyotes because, well, they do what coyotes do. Coyotes have lived here long before us. They’ve learned how to adapt to our presence, we should adapt to theirs. In truth, we shouldn’t have left Butterscotch outside all night in her cage. That wasn’t the coyote’s fault. It was ours.

  • Changing subjects now. When I first heard that the “Family Guy” TV show had run a skit mocking Sarah Palin’s son Trig, I had to agree that was a low blow. It was probably the first time I ever agreed with Sarah Palin on anything. But alas, I think I rushed to judgment. After reading this story I’ve changed my mind. Maybe Palin didn’t realize that the actor, Andrea Fay Friedman,  was poking fun at HER, not her son, and indeed has Down syndrome herself.  Friedman says Palin doesn’t have a sense of humor. But even worse, Palin, who as a conservative rails against political correctness, appears to think we should all walk on eggshells when it comes to her son who has Down syndrome.
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One Response to “Dad’s Morning Brew Feb. 19”

  1. Tony,
    I think Sarah Palin has been very down the middle when it comes to her son with Down Syndrom. David Letterman and others have taken gratuitous pot shots at her and her family, and she has handled all with grace and composure. You can disagree with her all you want, but I think she is a class act, and she speaks for a lot of Americans like me that are fed up with government waste, fraud, and abuse.


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